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2021 Survey Result and website homepage update

Earlier this month, we sent out a link to our survey form to some customers. Only those who ordered since October and haven’t answered any survey last year received the link from us. This is in hopes that their experience with Cookies PH is still fresh in their minds, and that we’re not being bothersome to those who already made time for our survey last year. 😬

2021 Anonymous Survey Result

Now, if you’re one of the customers who made time to answer our anonymous 2021 survey, please read our response which you’ll find in this Instagram post:

Cookies PH website homepage banner

If you read the survey result, you’ll find that someone suggested that we add a banner to our homepage. We had planned to do that but forgot. 😅 Thanks to that person, we finally implemented it. Although there’s just one slide for now:

The plan is to highlight some of the flavors you should order soon because they’re only available for the current month. Next time we’ll come up with extra slides to add.

What’s up with the Cookies PH team?

Nothing much is going on this week aside from finalizing the products that we’ll be offering in March! It’s gonna be the birth month of Cookies PH and the baker, by the way!


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