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[CANCELLED] Cookies PH Top 3 Customers 2022

This program has been CANCELLED.

Thanks to everyone who became a part of this!

september 7, 2022

By December 2022, we will announce the Cookies PH Top 3 Customers 2022! 🙂 We are only a small-time cookie shop so we don’t regularly offer promos and discounts, but it’s our goal to give back some love to customers who regularly order from us.

Please read on to know how you may be chosen as top customers.

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Closing orders for May cookie flavors, and website UI Improvement

The days come and go so quickly. It’s gonna be June soon! On that month we’ll have the Philippine’s Independence Day, Father’s Day, and LGBT Pride Month. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section.

To everyone who tried our cookie flavors for May, thank you so much! We won’t have the drive to create new flavors every month if it weren’t because of you. Stay tuned on our social media pages to be the first ones to know what new cookie flavors we’ll release!

I think not a lot of people know that this website is also homemade, just like our cookies. Proudly powered by WordPress and WooCommerce! I think many businesses prefer Shopify, but we chose WooCommerce since we don’t have a big budget, and it lets us customize the website extensively. Honestly, we aren’t able to test every nook and cranny, so please don’t hesitate to point out if you find any bug/error!

One of the recent issues we have in the website is that people forget to send us their proof of payment within our given time period. We thought that this issue could be minimized if we could improve our UI, and so we began by adding a reminder below the “Place order” button upon checkout. We modified the style of the buttons too, to make them look more like buttons! See before and after screenshots below.

After this little improvement on the checkout page, we’ll proceed to the Thank You page — the page that is displayed after you click the Place Order button.

You might be wondering why we’re strict about payment deadlines. I won’t go into the details, but rules such as this ensure that our business runs smoothly, especially since we operate on a slot reservation basis.

Thank you for reading! Order our June cookies, okay? 🙌 By the way, we don’t have slots for June 26. ✌️

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Delivery Discount on Every Order (TERMINATED)


Thank you very much to everyone who availed this offer!

Here at Cookies PH, we are grateful to people who order monthly to try the new cookie creations that we poured our hearts into, so we always try to find a way to give back, no matter how little.

Every year, we give back the love to our Top 3 Customers with the most number of orders by sending them a surprise “prize”. People who order just a box or two every month have a slim chance of making it to Top 3, but we feel that they should be rewarded too! The following delivery discount program is for them. This program will run indefinitely, so until it’s terminated, you may all avail the discount every time you order. 💙 This is a revision to the previous Delivery Discount Program.

Read the Delivery Discount Mechanics and Example Scenarios to know exactly how this works!

Keep ordering our new monthly creations to enjoy up to ₱50 off delivery every month.

We’ll give you a delivery discount on every order, starting at ₱20 on your 2nd consecutive month of ordering. The discounted amount will increase by ₱10 at each succeeding month that you order, and will be capped at ₱50. Just make sure not to miss a month so that your discount amount won’t be reset to zero!

Read the mechanics below to know how to become eligible.

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Cookies PH’s 1st Birthday, April Flavors, and Dedication Cookie Cakes

Baking only Walnut Milk N Dark Choco Chip Cookies and no other flavor feels like it was only yesterday. We started baking at Cookies PH in March 2020, only a few days after the Manila quarantine was first implemented. Fast forward one year later and we find ourselves in the same state. Instead of staying frustrated at things we currently have no power to change, we pour our energy into making more exciting cookies for everyone! After all, we have already turned 1 year old… YAY! 🥳 Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the months. Our humble cookie shop wouldn’t have made it to 1 year without you.

This month, as usual, we have unusual flavors that we are proud to offer such as:

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2021 Survey Result and website homepage update

Earlier this month, we sent out a link to our survey form to some customers. Only those who ordered since October and haven’t answered any survey last year received the link from us. This is in hopes that their experience with Cookies PH is still fresh in their minds, and that we’re not being bothersome to those who already made time for our survey last year. 😬

2021 Anonymous Survey Result

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Guest checkout now allowed! Heart Cookie Cake out of stock

Upon request by a Cookies PH customer, we have allowed guest checkout. Whoever you are, thank you for letting us know about this pain point. 🙂

And oh, our materials for the Heart Cookie Cake had just ran out so it’s now out of stock. We’re happy that many people chose to order this product. <3 We’ll offer a round Valentine’s cookie cake instead in case anyone will look for it.

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Quick Cookies PH Updates

Hey! How are you? We hope you’re doing fine. 😀 This post will just be a quick update of what’s going on in the world of Cookies PH. 🍪

This morning was a little rough. A few Instagram followers asked us if we were associated with a fake account that’s been sending our followers scam messages. The said fake account is offering everyone $10,000. 🤦‍♀️ Gosh. Everyone, please know that we don’t have such wealth! LOL. I think the fake account is not active anymore as I write this (not sure if Instagram deleted them, or they deactivated it themselves to lie low for now) and this is thanks to our customers/followers who helped us report.

We’re excited about this month’s limited-time flavors! Our baker’s favorites are Rose-Flavored White Choco Chip Cookies and Gianduja Ferrero Rocher Cookie Cups. The latter is for Feb. 10, 13 and 17 only. We ordered our personal assorted cookie box for this weekend. XD

Last night we sent out a link to our 2021 Survey. It was sent only to some customers, mostly those who ordered starting October 2020. I’m excited to read it all, but also quite nervous since it’s like a performance evaluation. Hehe. Thanks to those who have answered it so far. You guys and girls are a big help! <3

And regarding this website, we transferred to a new domain registrar and a new web host. We also activated caching to make the website’s performance a little bit better. We removed the chat box that shows at the bottom of our website for now, because it makes our website slow! Does anyone need it back? Let us know.

That’s all! Have a great day, everyone.

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Delivery Discount every 3rd month of consecutive orders

Update: This Delivery Discount program is no longer active! Please check our revised program instead: Delivery Discount on Every Order.

Here at Cookies PH, one of our charm points is that we change our product lineup every month. Although we have customers who order every month to try out these new flavors and products, our Top Customers program is limited to only a few customers per year, and most of them are the ones who order several boxes per month. We understand; it’s hard to order multiple boxes every month, especially if there are only a few people in your household who can help finish all the delicious sweet treats.

We feel that all of our regular customers deserve special treatment, too. To make that happen, we are running the Delivery Discount Program. Customers will get P100 off the delivery fee for their 3rd consecutive month of ordering from Cookies PH.

Please read the mechanics below to understand exactly how this works.

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