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Closing orders for May cookie flavors, and website UI Improvement

The days come and go so quickly. It’s gonna be June soon! On that month we’ll have the Philippine’s Independence Day, Father’s Day, and LGBT Pride Month. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section.

To everyone who tried our cookie flavors for May, thank you so much! We won’t have the drive to create new flavors every month if it weren’t because of you. Stay tuned on our social media pages to be the first ones to know what new cookie flavors we’ll release!

I think not a lot of people know that this website is also homemade, just like our cookies. Proudly powered by WordPress and WooCommerce! I think many businesses prefer Shopify, but we chose WooCommerce since we don’t have a big budget, and it lets us customize the website extensively. Honestly, we aren’t able to test every nook and cranny, so please don’t hesitate to point out if you find any bug/error!

One of the recent issues we have in the website is that people forget to send us their proof of payment within our given time period. We thought that this issue could be minimized if we could improve our UI, and so we began by adding a reminder below the “Place order” button upon checkout. We modified the style of the buttons too, to make them look more like buttons! See before and after screenshots below.

After this little improvement on the checkout page, we’ll proceed to the Thank You page — the page that is displayed after you click the Place Order button.

You might be wondering why we’re strict about payment deadlines. I won’t go into the details, but rules such as this ensure that our business runs smoothly, especially since we operate on a slot reservation basis.

Thank you for reading! Order our June cookies, okay? 🙌 By the way, we don’t have slots for June 26. ✌️

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