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Cookies PH’s Delivery Date options in checkout page and the holiday season

Yo! We hope that you’re enjoying the holiday season. Let’s enjoy all the delicious treats that we get our hands on! :3 And just a friendly reminder — let’s not get carried away while attending gatherings since there’s still a pandemic. Sanitize your hands and home surfaces often, and try not to get too close to people from different households.

Now, onto the main topic since were starting to sound like a mom…

We’re happy to have a little spare time to update this website a bit! You may now choose your preferred delivery date upon checkout. The available dates are also displayed on our website’s “header” for your convenience. 🙂

This may not really happen, but just in case the date you chose is no longer available by the time we receive your order (e.g., we got fully booked on your chosen date just a minute before you placed your order on our website and we haven’t removed that date from the checkout page yet), then we will text/email you to inform you about the next available date, and confirm with you if it’s alright to move the delivery sched.

To avoid the above issue, our checkout page will only let you select only delivery dates that still have many slots available. In case you want to try to order for a delivery date that’s not in the checkout page’s options, feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram. It may not be guaranteed, but maybe we can squeeze your order in to your preferred delivery date!

Like our artisanal cookies, this website is also “homemade”. So please, if you encounter any issue, let us know and we’ll look into it to help you out.

On a side note, we are finalizing the recipes for our January cookie flavors. 😉 Hint: they’re flavors that are on the healthier side. You know we all need to eat healthier treats after the holiday season!

Hope you had a merry Christmas, and we wish that you’ll also enjoy the New Year! Stay safe and happy, you all. <3

Lotsa love from Cookies PH~

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