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Delivery Discount on Every Order (TERMINATED)


Thank you very much to everyone who availed this offer!

Here at Cookies PH, we are grateful to people who order monthly to try the new cookie creations that we poured our hearts into, so we always try to find a way to give back, no matter how little.

Every year, we give back the love to our Top 3 Customers with the most number of orders by sending them a surprise “prize”. People who order just a box or two every month have a slim chance of making it to Top 3, but we feel that they should be rewarded too! The following delivery discount program is for them. This program will run indefinitely, so until it’s terminated, you may all avail the discount every time you order. 💙 This is a revision to the previous Delivery Discount Program.

Read the Delivery Discount Mechanics and Example Scenarios to know exactly how this works!

Keep ordering our new monthly creations to enjoy up to ₱50 off delivery every month.

We’ll give you a delivery discount on every order, starting at ₱20 on your 2nd consecutive month of ordering. The discounted amount will increase by ₱10 at each succeeding month that you order, and will be capped at ₱50. Just make sure not to miss a month so that your discount amount won’t be reset to zero!

Read the mechanics below to know how to become eligible.

Delivery Discount Mechanics

  • Order any Cookies PH product for 2 consecutive months to enjoy P20 delivery discount on every order of our delicious products. But wait, there’s more!
  • Discount increases by P10 on each succeeding month you order, and will be capped at P50.
  • If you have ordered for several consecutive months, but are not able to place any order on a following month, the discount amount will be reset to zero. So don’t miss the new exciting cookie flavors we offer each month!
  • Multiple orders per month won’t count towards the increasing your discount; multiple orders per month will be eligible for the same discount price for the month.
  • For social media orders: The discount should automatically reflect on your bill.
  • For website orders: We’ll give you a coupon that you may use upon checkout to avail the discount. The coupon will be restricted to your email address so please use the same email as your previous order.
  • In case you’re eligible for a discount but we forget to apply it to your bill or forget to give you a coupon, please let us know right away.
  • First discounts will be applied to orders that will be delivered on June 2021 and onwards.
  • Slot reservations still apply, so please order ahead of time to make sure you’re able to order every month.
  • Products that are not sold under the name “Cookies PH” don’t count (such as cakes from our online cake shop). To maintain your discount, you must order a Cookies PH product at least once a month.
  • An “order in June” is an order delivered in June.

Example Scenarios

Order every month to keep enjoying delivery discounts:

Month OrderedDid You Order Last Month?Delivery Discount
May 2021P0
June 2021YesP20
June 2021 (2nd order in June)YesP20
July 2021YesP30
August 2021YesP40
September 2021YesP50
September 2021 (2nd order in Sept.)YesP50
October 2021YesP50
November 2021YesP50
December 2021YesP50
January 2022YesP50
Please note that we have the right to terminate this Delivery Discount Program at any time, but with prior announcement on our social media pages.

Discount resets to zero on the month when you don’t order anything:

Month OrderedDid You Order Last Month?Delivery Discount
May 2021P0
June 2021YesP20
July 2021YesP30
August 2021N/A, you didn’t order for AugustN/A
September 2021NoP0
October 2021YesP20
November 2021YesP30
December 2021YesP40
January 2022YesP50
If you’re not able to order for a month, you can still build up your discount on the following months.

And that’s it! We hope this discount program will make it less challenging for everyone to try our new products every month. Delivery can be really expensive, so we will take our share of the burden of delivery for our regular customers. 🙂

If you need clarification, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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