Iskrambol Cookies (4 big pcs.)


⚠️ Limited-time item

Beat the heat with our chilled Iskrambol Cookies! These soft-baked banana cookies are filled with banana cream, topped with a crackly chocolate topping, mini marshmallows, and a dusting of powdered milk – very similar to our favorite chilled street food! Don’t forget to serve chilled to enjoy the crackly chocolate layer. You’re welcome. 😉

We may bake this 1 day before delivery to allow ample time for the melted chocolate to firm up.



We have a friend on Facebook who often posts pictures of snacks and street foods, and our baker often craves them. 😄 Iskrambol is one of this friend’s pictures that’s stuck in her mind, and she thought maybe she should try making a cookie version of it!


You will enjoy this product if you like:

  • Iskrambol shaved ice snack itself
  • Chilled cookies
  • Banana-flavored treats
  • Cream-filled cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • Big, chunky, soft-baked cookies


Butter, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, cornstarch, baking soda, milk, salt, pastry cream powder, chocolates, banana flavoring, marshmallows


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