Nutty Wasabi White Choco Chip Cookies (4 big pcs.)


⚠️Limited Time Item

Imagine a spicy and slightly salty version of “macadamia white choco chip cookies.”

Our signature soft, buttery cookie dough is studded with macadamia nuts, pili nuts, white Belgian chocolates, and our homemade wasabi white chocolates.


Our 2021 Top Customer came up with this cookie flavor. Thank you, Gerard!

We often offer wasabi white choco chip cookies for Halloween (inspired by Wasabi KITKATs) but he missed it and wanted to try it  with white chocolates and our plain signature dough, with nuts!

Each cookie is around 90 grams before baking.


Butter, sugar, eggs, milk, wheat flour, cornstarch, baking soda, salt, wasabi paste, white chocolates, macadamia nuts, pili nuts

You will enjoy this product if you like:

  • unique cookie flavors
  • wasabi chocolates
  • sweet treats with a kick of spice!
  • white chocolates
  • soft-baked cookies
  • nuts


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