Yogurt Granola Cookies (4 big pcs.)


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Sweet, sour, chewy honey-yogurt cookie dough with common granola ingredients such as oats, pumpkin seeds, almond slices, flaxseeds, and dried mangoes.


A regular customer brought up the idea of making “yogurt white chocolate” and mixing it into our cookies. While we haven’t gotten to making that specific item yet, we thought that yogurt might be a nice flavor to add to granola cookies! Our baker loves snacking on homemade granola with yogurt, so she was sure that it will be an amazing combination.

The edges of this cookie are very chewy and sweet, but as you bite into the center, you’ll taste more and more of the sourness from the yogurt. If you love fruits, seeds, and nuts, you’ll love how they will party in your mouth as you munch on these Yogurt Granola Cookies!! 🤩


Butter, sugar, eggs, milk, wheat flour, cornstarch, baking soda, salt, honey, yogurt, almond nuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, dried mangoes

You will enjoy this product if you like:

  • chewy cookies
  • sweet and sour yogurt flavor
  • granola with honey, nuts, seeds, and fruit


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