Cashew Cacao Nib Milk Choco Chip Cookies (4 big pcs.)


Imagine a less sugary, less chocolatey version of our OG Milk N Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies… That is what this cookie is all about!



Cashew Cacao Nib Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies have some Belgian milk chocolate chips too, with some portion swapped out for cashew nuts which imparts subtle sweetness, but not as sugary as chocolate. Dark chocolate has been replaced by roasted cacao nibs, which is bitter and rich in cocoa flavor but not sweet at all. We coat the bitter cacao nibs in the sweet milk chocolate to make the flavor more balanced.

But wait, there’s more! Cacao nibs have been linked to reduced heart disease and diabetes risk, as well as other health benefits. This cookie variant definitely is a healthier version of Milk N Dark. 😉

Each cookie is around 90 grams before baking.


Butter, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, cornstarch, baking soda, salt, roasted cacao nibs, milk chocolate, cashew nuts

You will enjoy this product if you like:

  • cookies with just a few mount of chocolate
  • ingredients that taste like cocoa without the sweetness (cacao nibs!)
  • want to lessen your sugar intake a bit
  • like some crunch in your cookies (roasted cacao nibs are crunchy)
  • like bittersweet flavors
  • like nuts


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