Store Policy

If you have any question about our store policy or about anything not covered in this page, you may email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

By ordering from Cookies PH, you agree to the following Store Policy.


How can I order your cookies?

You may order cookies through this website! Click “Add to Cart” on the cookies you’d like to order, checkout, pay and send us proof of payment, and then we’ll get in touch with you for the delivery.

You may also contact us directly on Facebook or Instagram for inquiries or to place an order.

When should I pay for my order?

Once you have checked out your order from our website, or once we have given you a bill if you’re ordering through social media, kindly make payment within the next 24 hours if you’re ordering early, or until the payment cutoff, which is usually 12NN on the day before delivery. Your order may automatically get cancelled if you miss this time period.

Can I pay upon delivery?

We currently don’t accept payments upon delivery. Our slots are limited and usually get fully booked 1-2 days before delivery, so we reserve slots for customers only when already paid.

What are the payment options?

You may pay through bank deposit or online transfer. Our most popular payment methods are the following:

  • GCash
  • BDO
  • BPI

If you have a preferred bank that’s not listed, please contact us and we’ll see if we can accomodate your payment there.

Can I refund if I decide not to push through with the order?

No refund is given for cancelled orders. Once you have already paid, we allocate resources for your order.

Do you accept rush orders?

We define “rush orders” as orders confirmed after the defined Payment Cutoff. We only accept rush orders if it’s still possible to squeeze in our schedule.


When will I receive the cookies if I order now?

Your cookies will be delivered to you on the next Wednesday/Saturday with available slots. You may contact us directly if you’d like to verify the next available delivery date.

Can I reschedule the day of delivery of my order?

We strongly discourage reschedule because it will disrupt the smooth operations of our deliveries. In case you really need to reschedule, we can only accommodate it if requested 2 days before the scheduled delivery. Once we have approved your request for reschedule, it will be moved to the next schedule with available delivery slots.

Can I pickup my orders myself?

Sorry but we don’t accept pickup during this period of pandemic.

Can I book my own courier?

Sorry but we are currently not accepting pickup due to circumstances brought upon by the pandemic. We dispatch all ordered items in one go per delivery day with the help of multipoint bookings with our own courier.

Can I choose the time of delivery?

We usually dispatch the ordered items from Makati City any time between 11AM-2PM. We cannot commit an exact time of delivery since we dispatch all orders in one go per day, with the help of multipoint bookings with our courier.

When a customer requests a specific time, we do our best to accommodate it but there is no guarantee.

Why do you have to dispatch the goods in one go?

Unlike other homemade product sellers whose kitchens are just a few steps away from their pickup points, ours is a bit of a walk from the spot where the courier is allowed to pickup items from us. Each time we head to and from that spot, we pass several hallways and many people, which we feel should be avoided in this dangerous period of pandemic.

We are concerned about the COVID-19 situation and believe that the more people head out of their homes, the more chances of spreading the virus. And so, we choose to ship out all ordered items per delivery day in one go.

On better days we will become more flexible with pickups and deliveries. Thanks so much for understanding.

How long will the courier wait for the recipient once he/she arrives at the delivery address?

The courier may only wait up to 30 minutes for the recipient to meet him.

Kindly keep your line open, or kindly advise your recipient to keep their line open, so that the courier can hand over the goods properly. It’s strongly recommended to give us the mobile number of the actual recipient so that we can coordinate smoothly.

What if the courier can’t contact me for the delivery?

In the event that you’re not able to meet up with the courier within 30 minutes, he will attempt to leave your order to the guard in your apartment/subdivison. If your delivery address is in a house and the courier really can’t reach anyone on your end (no answer from the contact number you gave us and no one is opening the door after knocking), he may leave it in the best possible spot in front of your house.

Neither Cookies PH nor the courier shall be held responsible for damages or loss of the goods once left to your guard or in front of your house. We always update our customers regarding delivery to avoid this, so please keep your line open on the delivery day so that your order will be handed over to you properly.

How will you deliver the cookies?

We deliver our cookies with the help of our trusted on-demand courier, Happy Move.

What if I don’t receive my order?

We always update customers when the goods have already been picked up from us, and so far 100% of our bookings with our courier are successful. Please contact us if you didn’t receive your order at the expected day of delivery so that we can investigate why it did not reach you.

What if I received a wrong item?

In the unlikely event that you received a wrong item, we will refund the item that you were supposed to get. The refund will be done through online money transfer.

You may also choose to have the correct item delivered on the next available delivery day, but in this case, we won’t be able to shoulder the shipping fee.

You may keep the wrong item and we hope that you’ll still enjoy it — this is our way of apologizing.

Will I receive my orders in perfect form?

There is no guarantee that your order will arrive in perfect form, especially since we deliver everything through couriers who travel via motorcycle, but please rest assured that we are now practicing extra measures to minimize the damages to the cookies that we deliver, especially the most fragile ones. If the delivery address is far, or when shipping fragile cookies, we pack the cookies more snugly by using extra sheets of paper — the less they move around in the box, the less chance of getting damaged. When delivering cookies that are not fragile in nearby areas, we don’t add extra sheets of paper anymore so that we can reduce waste. Paper is still not 100% eco-friendly.

The Cookie Cakes are recommended for delivery within Metro Manila only. So far, all of our Cookie Cake deliveries within Metro Manila arrive free of damage, but please be advised that minor damage may still happen due to situations that are out of control. The farther the delivery is from Makati City, the higher chance of getting damaged.

What if Cookies PH cannot book a driver from any courier on the delivery date?

So far, 100% our deliveries have been shipped successfully on the promised date. There are times when it takes so long to be assigned a driver in the on-demand courier apps that we use, from holiday rush to community lockdowns, but rest assured that as you wait, we are constantly waiting for a driver to be assigned.

If we are not able to get a driver at the end of the day of delivery, our options for the next day are:

  • Retry booking on-demand delivery service, or
  • Send the goods to you via LBC, which may cost more so you’ll have to send us the additional amount before we drop-off to LBC

If none of the 2 options work on the next day, we shall refund your entire payment via BPI/BDO online bank transfer or GCash. We want to deliver our products only while they’re still freshly made.


Can I refund a paid order if I changed my mind?

Sorry but paid orders are considered final, so no refund is given for cancelled orders. When you have already paid, we would have already allocated resources for your order.

Can I refund if I received a wrong item?

Yes. In the unlikely event that we accidentally send you a wrong item, we will do a refund at the price of the item you ordered but did not receive. We will try to do the refund within 24 hours. You may keep the wrong item as our way of apologizing. The refund will be done through online money transfer. The amount that we will refund is the price of the item you ordered but did not receive.

The delivery fee will only be refunded if you ordered just 1 item and received a wrong one. If you ordered 2 or more items and one of the items you received is wrong, then we will only refund the item, excluding delivery fee.

If you prefer that we resend the correct item, you may place a new order with the refund given to you.

Can I refund the product if I did not like it?

We do our best to produce delicious, freshly made items. Since we all try various sorts of food items that we may or may not like, we will not refund an item that you did not like.