Store Policy

If you have any question about our store policy or about anything not covered in this page, you may email us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

By ordering from Cookies PH, you agree to the following:

  • Orders without proof of payment by the given deadline will automatically be cancelled.
  • Once paid, all order details will become FINAL so triple check them before paying. Additions or changes to the final design / gift tag / address will incur an extra service fee, if still possible to accommodate.
  • Please pay via INSTANT fund transfer or bank deposit only. Check payment and next-day online transfers may lead to order cancellation because we’ll only consider your order as “paid” once the funds are reflected on our account.
  • Time of delivery CANNOT be chosen, but we’ll message you once your package has been dispatched, between 11AM-2PM.
  • IMPORTANT: It’s your responsibility to ensure that the recipient will be reachable through their mobile # and address on the delivery day. Read further below for terms “In case of failed delivery due to unreachable recipient.”
  • We may do a multi-point delivery to deliver the cookies. You will be informed if there are any drop-off points before your recipient’s address on the day of delivery. (Cookie cakes will always be prioritized as first drop-off point.)
  • Actual product may look slightly different from the pictures, but recipe should be the same.
  • Cosmetic damage is possible during delivery, especially to places that are far from Makati City, but rest assured that we do our best for our creations to arrive in good form.
  • In case we’re not able to deliver your order on the scheduled date (e.g. due to natural calamity / emergency / no same-day delivery rider is willing to go to your area) we’ll give you three options: (1) Let us ship it via LBC on the same day (they may charge at a higher rate), (2) let us re-attempt delivery on our next available schedule with no additional charge, or (3) let us re-attempt standard motorcycle delivery on the next day with additional service fee as we’ll be dispatching an order outside of our schedule. Note that cookie cakes and refrigerated cookies cannot be shipped via LBC.

In case of failed delivery due to unreachable recipient:

  • If not reachable, we may leave the item to their guard/lobby, otherwise it will be marked as failed and reattempt will NOT be guaranteed.
  • If reattempt is possible, extra fees will apply for return, storage, & delivery.
  • If reattempt is possible, we will only store your item(s) for 1 more day after the original delivery date. Our storage is very small.

Unlikely, but in case of failed delivery due to natural disasters:

(e.g., unpassable flooded areas)

  • The item(s) will be returned to us for delivery reattempt until the next day. If return or reattempt also fails due to the disaster, order will be canceled and we’ll do a 40% refund of the total amount paid.
  • Since we’re handling perishable items and we don’t have extra storage, reattempt is only possible up to the next day. Time will depend on our availability to dispatch deliveries.
  • Customer may change the delivery address and send it to a friend/family instead.
  • Customer shoulders the fee for return and reattempt, paid before we reattempt.
  • No refund for condition(s) not stated above.
  • Note that items that were reattempted for delivery may no longer be in good condition due to long transportation time.

⚠️ We strictly enforce our terms to maintain the quality of our service, so please carefully read all statements above.