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Cookies PH Top 3 Customers 2021

By December 2021, we will announce the Cookies PH Top 3 Customers 2021! 🙂 We are only a small-time cookie shop so we don’t regularly offer promos and discounts, but it’s our goal to give back some love to customers who regularly order from us.

Please read on to know how you may be chosen as top customers.

Mechanics for Cookies PH Top Customer 2021:

  • Announcement will be on the first week of December 2021.
  • They must have the most number of boxes ordered from us among all customers. The said orders must be delivered within January 2021 to November 2021.
  • Only active regular customers are qualified, so they should have at least 1 transaction by November 2021 (means they’re active customers) and have at least 5 transactions throughout the year (Some customers ordered so many boxes but only before GCQ, and we’re sad to say that we cannot consider them as regular customers).
  • The prize will be delivered along with their first order in January 2022, which should be delivered on that month too.
  • The prize may be availed within January 2022 only.

What will be the prize?

Just last last year, the prize will be a surprise package of treats! Shall we call it a “surprize”? :-p

Last year’s winners:

Cookies PH's Top 3 Customers in 2020
To Renier, Meryll, and Gerard: Thank you all so much for all the support you gave Cookies PH last year! <3

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